Semantic Search Engines and SEO

October 17, 2010

Many questions are asked when you start talking about semantic searching. used semantic search and now there are several other search engines that are starting to make use of this Read more

Improving Your Local Search Results

September 8, 2008

Knowing the importance of Local Search is one thing. It is another to make sure that your site is optimized for the best results. While you can add your business Read more

Yes, There Is Such a Thing as Too Much

September 3, 2008

You may be wondering what, exactly, I mean by this. While this adage holds true in many fields, it may not seem like it applies to your site. This Read more

Growing Your Presence in Local Search

September 1, 2008

While there is no sure fire way to ensure that you can get top results in Google’s local search, or any other local search for Read more

The Importance of Your Site’s Navigation Usability

August 19, 2008

You have probably heard, repeatedly, the importance of your site’s content. While I still agree with this, aligning myself with those who would say that content is Read more

Are Directory Links Worth Anything?

August 1, 2008

Directories used to be one of the most effective strategies for link building. Simply by submitting your site to the directory, you could get it listed, gaining both another link as well as exposure to people who visited the directory for Read more

What is Link Popularity?

July 26, 2008

So what is link popularity? We know that links are vital to the success of a website. We also know that popularity refers to the recognition that something has with others. It would stand to reason that link popularity would be the number or reputation Read more

The Importance of Creating a Blog

July 6, 2008

In the past, I have talked about ways that you can improve your blog and get more people to visit it. These are very important posts, but they mean absolutely nothing if you do not Read more

How to Know When it’s Time to Outsource Your SEO

July 4, 2008

There comes a time when you just can’t handle everything on your own. Sometimes, you just have to call in a specialist to take care of something. Think of this: you have chronic knee pain and you just can’t seem to get Read more

Reputation Link Bait

June 30, 2008

What is the best link bait strategy? There are numerous ones out there, each right for a specific scenario. Finding ways to convince others to link to you is something that is an art and there are several ways Read more

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