The Power of Social News Sites

September 5, 2008

On social news sites, stories are generally given value by the comments that accompany them. A story on one of these sites that has no comments is like a website without links, it doesn’t look lie it has gotten much attention. The flipside to this, however, is that too many comments, particularly short, trite comments, also has a negative connotation. Just like your website needs to have quality content, both things you contribute to social news sites as well as the comments on it should have quality input. You should also be aware of this when leaving your own comments: people trust thoughtful responses and are turned off by comments that don’t contribute anything of value. The key to generating thoughtful responses is having good content.

If you do plan to contribute something to one of these social news sites, and you plan to have people comment on your story to get better rankings, make sure that they are going to be thoughtful. This process will also help you make sure you are providing quality content because no one wants to put something out that they know is going to be seen as negative. Having commenters for your submissions is a good thing but only when they do more than praise your submission. Make sure that they contribute to the dialogue or perhaps even start something useful of their own.

Social news sites have the potential to give you more credibility and draw more visitors to your site. Making sure that you build a good reputation through your submissions and your comments only augments your ability to draw people to you and your site.

Written By: James Blackburn, Website Office Staff Writer


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