The Timeliness of Paid Search Advertising

August 20, 2008

Google trends allows you to compare the popularity of searches over a fairly wide spread of time. Google Trends also offers another useful tool that will provide the focus of this post: Hot Trends. Hot Trends allows you to see which searches have experienced a dramatic increase in searches for the day. This knowledge is extremely useful for your search advertising campaigns.

Keeping track of trends for your target audience is a necessary part of your search campaign. This tool allows you to do exactly this. While it is not perfectly scientific, its ability to show trends and the limited data it provides on current issues related to certain points on the graph are extremely useful. I have already examined Google Trends in another post, but this post relates to its relevancy for your advertising. Knowing the current trends provides you with a greater ability to target your campaigns.

Search is continually changing, just as current events are. Some events, such as a political campaign, can cause a spike in certain search traffic. Being attuned to the current events that can affect your business provides you with a certain advantage over your competitors. Consider the following scenario: There is a large earthquake in the Western United States, affecting a large number of a population of a big city. As the news continues to break concerning this event, people being to look for more information on the damage and how this has affected the city. An insurance company with a smart advertising plan would look at what has happened and start using a plan attuned to current events to market their insurance. Similarly, a news agency might start advertising with the mindset of drawing searchers into their site for the information.

While this example is not flawless and is perhaps a little morbid, it does provide a good look at the kind of things you should be considering with your paid search advertising. Knowing your target audience is also important at this point. Rather than jumping at every possible connection, you need to make sure that you are choosing to act on trends that affect your visitors rather than those who are not interested in your content. This not only saves you time and money, but also makes your content more useful and reliable, drawing more visitors in.

Knowing your target audience and how things affect your content is the key to keeping your site useful and something that people keep coming back to visit.

Written By: James Blackburn, Website Office Staff Writer


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