Choosing Alternate Domain Names

August 27, 2008

You may be wondering what I could possibly be hoping to achieve by writing about this. You have worked hard to establish your site and domain and you can’t possibly think of why you should have another one. The answer is simple: by having alternate domain names, you can combat competition and ensure that you are getting all of the traffic that is trying to find you.

We have all experienced typing in a domain name, only to find that it doesn’t exist or doesn’t take us where we wanted to go. This can be a very frustrating experience for a consumer and can turn them away. If they are unable to find what they are looking for, even if they do continue looking, their mindset is not as amiable towards what they find later. You know how it goes, you are driving around town, following directions and assuming you know where you are going, and when you finally get there, you find that you went to the wrong place or that your destination is not where you thought it was.

In the physical world, businesses can’t predict these kinds of problems and set up a transporter for their customers to magically arrive at the right place. Likewise, competitors can’t exploit a consumer’s mistake and put a business where a consumer might look for their competition. Both of these, however, are possible on the Internet. For your customer’s you can set up a system that brings your customer’s right to your doorstep, even if they take a little misstep along the way. Your competitors can also do this, only instead of taking them to you, they take them for themselves.

The solution to this is to buy up alternate domains and make sure that your customers come to you rather than go somewhere else or give up all together. To find domains that you should consider buying, think along the following lines:
Alternative spelling
Phonetically Similar words
.net, .org, etc

By having these domains, along with your actual domain, you can set everything so that even if a consumer doesn’t know exactly where to find you, they will still end up in the right place. Like I said, this also helps with the competition and makes sure they aren’t stealing some of the traffic that is meant for you. The stronger your brand gets, the more important something like this can be because you have more competition. If you have something of little consequence, there probably isn’t going to be a big fight over your domain, it is when you have something of value that you really need to consider things like this.

Written By: James Blackburn, Website Office Staff Writer


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