And Google Just Keeps on Coming

June 16, 2008

GoogleGoogle has announced that is has refreshed it algorithm to return searches that are more pertinent. All those related search terms that appear when you search for something on Google just gained a little more relevance. In addition to making it easier to search for something you want, it may even help your marketing campaign.

In addition to finding related searches to yours, the new related searches also show a sense of timing. Rather than simply finding those terms that work with yours, the new terms find those searches that are more current, returning results that are both useful and current.

Though this new service is only in the U.S. right now, Google is hoping to expand and provide it in other regions as well. The new algorithm may also show more related search terms than it did previously, possibly making your keywords even more important than ever. With improved related searches, there is a greater possibility of searches for your related keywords and therefore more exposure for your ads. This points to the importance of a closely defined and targeted ad campaign. Ensuring that you are bidding for keywords that are closely related will ensure that you are getting more exposure to people searching for products related to your industry.

Normally, the related searches will appear below the links, but the algorithm will sometimes place the related terms above the links and other times, there will be no related searches. The algorithm also determines how many related terms to display and is continually updated to make sure that the most current and relevant terms are returned.

This new related search points to another key element of Google’s services: the algorithm. By improving its algorithm to find better and more related search terms for queries, there might be wider implications for your ads in general. This will be especially useful for your ads where you have a lower ranking. If you have better related ads, searchers may find your higher ranked ads through their related searches.

Google gives examples related to apple, the iPhone, and the new release of iPhone 2, as well as Kung Fu and Kung Fu Panda. Thy caution, however, that because of the continued changing of the internet, these results are temporary and are subject to change at any time. This can be a good thing, however, if you are able to make fresh news and more interesting content a central part of your website.

Written By: James Blackburn, Website Office Staff Writer


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